How much you’ve changed

You were doing just fine

But you strayed from the path

Of love and kindness.

Carrying this bitter grudge;

Your heart once full of hope and vigour,

Now rots and decays.

Who are you now?

You were more of a man

When you were only seventeen.

Look at yourself now,

So arrogant and proud;

Proud of what?

Underneath it all you’re just

Insecure and afraid.

I am not mocking your pain,

But I am laughing

At how you think

That building mere walls will protect you.

You create conditions

That suddenly matter,

Your words and actions

Contradict each other.

Let go of this fickle monster!

It hurts you more than you know.

Why can’t you allow yourself

To feel; emotions will hurt

But they will also heal.

A heart of stone

Is too heavy to carry,

The darkness you keep inside

Can be blinding.

You know what you have to do –

Let it go before it’s too late,

Before you’re consumed by all the hate.

How many times should I remind you

You’re not weak to feel;

But you are a coward

To run away from love.

Don’t be afraid to just be happy.