How much you’ve changed

You were doing just fine

But you strayed from the path

Of love and kindness.

Carrying this bitter grudge;

Your heart once full of hope and vigour,

Now rots and decays.

Who are you now?

You were more of a man

When you were only seventeen.

Look at yourself now,

So arrogant and proud;

Proud of what?

Underneath it all you’re just

Insecure and afraid.

I am not mocking your pain,

But I am laughing

At how you think

That building mere walls will protect you.

You create conditions

That suddenly matter,

Your words and actions

In a little less than 2 months, I will be turning 21. Finally an adult! The thought is surreal.

I don’t consider 18 to be the adult age, because technically you’re still a teenager. So 21 is when your childhood is finally over I suppose. The only fun thing I can think of about becoming an adult is legally being allowed to drink alcohol.

Honestly, I am more scared than anything to be turning 21. I don’t feel prepared for this. I guess it is natural to feel this way. …

Expectations — are almost always, never met.

In our everyday relationships we hold high hopes and expectations of each other. But things have a way of not always turning out like we hoped. We disappoint the ones we love countless times, be it our parents, partners or friends. Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes unknowingly. The question is why? The answer, according to top psychologists is simply that “it is part of being human.”

What does it mean to be “simply human”? I believe it means that we are capable of making mistakes, since we’re not robots programmed to never mess…

Every year feels worse than the last. It’s so strange to think that next year I’ll probably be wanting to come back to this very moment. How is it, that I absolutely dread and look forward to something at the same time?

It feels like my dreams and high hopes are crashing down around me.

It feels like I’m being suffocated by the weight of my own failures.

I want to be believe that things will get better, that I will get better.

But at this point, I just feel so lost. Like I’m stuck in a maze and I…

Don’t give up on

A work in progress.

Everything takes time

Some, more than others.

Its not fair

To abandon a project

Just because the results

Aren’t what you expect

Or because its taking

Longer than usual.

Patience will bear fruit,

Faith will keep you

Moving forward

And hope will

Strengthen your mind.

The road is long and winding

Treacherous at corners,

And the darkness is blinding.

But everyone’s trying their best

So don’t give up just yet.

Believe in yourself,

Believe in others.

Give love a chance

And be kind to everyone

Even those who have hurt you.

Nothing is permanent

You will smile again

You’ll cry too

But not forever.

Be true to yourself

Let your light shine

Make the most of what you have

Everything will be just fine.

Last night

I saw a firefly

It made me smile

And reminded me

Of simpler times.

I hadn’t seen one in so long

I’d begun to think

They might have gone extinct.

That’s why,

Seeing the little creature

Made me happier

Than usual.

I guess I felt hopeful.

Things might seem bad right now

But they won’t always be.

Last night I saw just one,

Someday I hope

On a vast, empty field

Under the starry night sky

I’ll be bathed in the light

Of a thousand fireflies.

Have you ever felt deadbeat?

You’re not what anybody needs.

Replaceable, disposable

Left behind, untraceable.

You’re stuck, you’re lost

You cry out but nobody can hear.

Its your fault for not keeping up.

Now stay where you are

And don’t try to return.

They’re better off without you anyway,

You were just holding them back.

Did you really think they cared?

Oh, blind and delusional

That was yesterday

When you were shiny and new.

Its been three long years

Who are you trying to fool?

You’re already fading,

Sooner or later

You’ll completely disappear

And all they’ll feel

Will be a gentle breeze.

I have begun

To hate the things

That I associate

With memories of you.

Like a certain song

That was stuck in my head

When we first met

Or our secret spot

Near the tree with yellow flowers.

Those were beautiful memories

But now they are ruined.

I blame myself –

I heard someone say

That I destroy

Everything that’s good for me.

You believed in me

For a long time

But I let you down

Yet again.

And now its too late.

Never again

Will I enjoy

The rain at night

Or fast melting

Lemon popsicles

On a hot summer evening.

I will learn

To not be afraid

Of thunder and horror movies.

You said to me

That I’ll be alright

As usual

I don’t agree

Hope is reserved

For those who deserve it

Sadly, that’s not me.

Krishti Bhattacharjee

I'm 20 and I write sometimes when I'm feeling emo

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